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The Coach Factory FAQ

1. Whether the items in site are authentic or not?
As you know, the authentic Coach items can only be purchased from authorized dealers. Our items are high replicas,but we have a guarantee on high quality that you should expect, and they're nearly the same as the real ones!

2. What are the return ,exchange, refund policies ?
If you are not satisfied with the item, please take a picture of the items first, then send it to our email for us to make sure, in 7 days, you can return the items to us and we will make an exchange for you as soon as we receive it.Of course,we will not accept returns and/or exchanges if there is evidence that the shoes have been worn outdoors. We also guarantee that our shoes won't be seized by customs. If your item seized by the customs officer, we will replace them for you at once. Refunds are issued in the same form in which the original payment was made and may take up to 7 business days after the receipt of goods

3. About cancel the order and refund
If you want to cancel your order and refund, we need to deduct 30% of the payments in the amount, because it is the credit card companies' handling charges from us

4. How to choose the size?
If you want to choose the middle size of two,for example, Eur37.5,we suggest you go to the next.You may choose Eur38.

5. Are all products showed in the website?
We are not putting every item of the Coach brand on this site now. If you are looking for other style which is not displayed
on this site, please tell us which one you like, and we can supply most of them to you.

6. What do you need to get your item ?
You need to show your identification card to the post man when they send your item to your house. The express company will call your number if your address changes.

7. Are the pictures true or false?
All of the picture are in-kind taken by ourselves, The color phenomenon may occurred only in a few pictures, check them clearly before take the item into your chart.

8. How long does it take for delivery?
Generally, you may receive the item in Less Than 5 days after you paid for your order,which are free for shipping worldwide.

9. How to track your item?
We will send you your tracking number in 24 hours after we receive your payment .You may check your item on the checking web:

10. How to contact us? is dedicated to Customer service. To serve our customers efficiently, our friendly and efficient staff can be contacted in many different ways.
Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 11:00 AM to 3:00 AM (EST) next morning.
All e-mails received during business hours will receive a reply the same business day.
All other e-mails will receive a reply before noon eastern time the following business day.

11. How to register and pay for your items ?
(1) You can login in our website to purchase on line. Click the "My account", "Creat account" button, fulfill some necessary steps, such as: name, address, city, postal code. Telephone, and the State
(2) fill out some necessary steps, such as: name, address, city, postal code. Telephone, and the State
(3) Add the product to your chart
(4) Edit shipping address and choice of transport mode (Best way Ems, Free shipping)
(5) Input the coupon code and select the payment method.
(6) Click Finish to order. Page would Jump to the credit card company and the payment page. SSL encryption.

12. Payment methods :
You may pay via West Union or the credit card.(Visa & Master) If you pay via Western Union,pls give us your MTCN number, the total payment amount, your full name, currency and your country, we will send your item as soon as we accept them.

13. What does "IPS" stand for ?
IPS is a secure and believable payment channels of credit card online.use the payment platform IPS online payment is through banks operate payment gateway, using the internationally popular way encrypted SSL or SET. Security is responsible by the bank, and is fully guaranteed (Here we will attach a copy of screenshot which is a standard of safety) IPS does not collect the user's credit card information. When users need to fill out credit card information, it actually has reached the bank's payment gateway. Therefore, users do not have to worry about your credit card information will be leaked in the payment platform.we're involved in the legal and financial responsibility.

14. Is it safe to pay via credit card ?
The payment is the same processes as the principles with paypal. We are just a credit card customer.your money is sent to our account in that company.And we have no rights to know any information about your card information,so if there's any problem about payment, you should contact the card company.If you are not satisfied with the product, you can ask us to return your money,or charge back. But this is very rare.

15. Why it shows declined when I pay via credit card?
You've entered the wrong information.
The card does not support on-line shopping.
The money in your card is not enough.
You have bad payment records and don't pass the Fashionpay filtration system (not payment by a deception, etc.)

16. The reason for unsuccessful payment
Guests paid for it but declined (pay application is rejected),it may be the reason as follows:
1. Guests are not correctly fill out the payment information
2. The Issuing bank does not support online shopping
3. The Guest card balance is too less
4. The Guests have bad payment records,and did not pass the Fashionpay filtration system
(dishonor,false buy etc.)

17. What does Common payment error code stand for ?
101 Customers IP does not match the selected countries
102 The IP of the client's country is blocked
103 Customer's IP of United States does not match the state
104 Card holders who deceived
105 Fraudulent card number
106 The language of the client browser is blocked
107 Client countries, blocked
108 Fraudulent e-mail address
109 Deceived IP
110 Deceived phone numbers to
111 Client browser is blocked
112 Transaction limit in excess of the maximum
113 Hours IP restrictions
114 Unreasonable customer information
119 High-risk clients, payments that refused by bank

18.What is the meaning of the status of after payment?
101 Order status "Pending" means unpaid order
102 Order status "Processing" means order paid
103 Order status "Update" means order has been sent
104 Order status "Refund" means order cancel

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